International Judges Course 2001 - unofficial photo book
This page have been made on July 6, 2001.

In Imst, Austria, Jun 10 to 13 2001. A new International Judges Course has taken place, at Weinberg Hotel and the Imst Climbing Center.
The ICC - International Council for Competition Climbing organized the event.
This is just a little photo book to remember some days with some, at the begining, unkown people, and at the end, friends.
I am sorry if some people names or some national code is wrong. Please, email me with corrections.
Thanks to all of you who were there.
I hope we meet again anywhere.

Anthony (SIN), Judge aspirant, Mame (ESP), Judge aspirant, and Alexander (RUS), ICC vice-president.

Susi (AUT), the Weinberg Hotel director and Jourgan (GER). Susi and Jourgan were our teachers.

Some late-at-night talks about competition organizations, money and so on, between the Frech people, the Netherlander, and the Austrian people, with Helmut.

From the left to the right, Christophe (FRA), Jerome (FRA), Mame (ESP), Werner (AUT), ICC delegate from Asia (KOR), Anthony (SIN), Ajit (IND), another Korean boy (KOR) and Herman (NED).

In a rest time, Werner (AUT), Judge aspirant, Jourgan (AUT), Judge teacher and Andres (ESP), Judge aspirant. Good beer.

A moment in the theorical class. Susi explains something.

Andres (ESP), Judge aspirant, and Alexander (RUS), ICC vice-president.

When the clouds are gone, mountains show their aspect.

Just in the middle of the image, you can see a little piramid. That is the Imst Climbing Center, a very good artificial structure for sport climbing. Imst valley is really beatiful.